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Floor coverings are no longer regarded as a necessity to merely keep the office floor warm but are an integral part of todays modern office relaying your company's identity and agenda. It's a great way to add colour and design to an area whilst segregating designated areas or walkways from one another without unnecessary expense. At Interior Projects Southern we have built relationships with all the major suppliers over the past 30 years thus offering our customers not only the best selection of products but for the best prices, catering for all aesthetic requirements.

We supply and install all types of floor coverings ranging from Carpet tiles, performance barrier systems, laminate, safety flooring to designer vinyl floor sheeting or tiles.

Carpet Replacement

Whilst contemplating what carpet best suits your office environment it is worth considering the factors that are important to you in each particular area. Many of today’s commercial carpet tiles are often anti-static and castor-resistant, to stand up to the rigors that a modern day office can pose, most are also available with varying guarantees having undergone many resiliance and wear tests.

Companies up and down the country are now using different textures and colours within the same area as a way of differentiating between certain departments as a means of reducing costs that would otherwise be occurred in erecting a partition wall. Varying types currently exist consisting of cut pile, structure or fibre bonded, textured and loop all of which can be used to create the perfect working environment. We also stock many folders of the top manufacturers discontinued products in the event that a client may wish to match an existing product.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is currently available that gives the appearance of most, if not all, natural materials and can be supplied in a variety of a textures and finishes. It is extremely dense with a non-porous composition that gives a long lasting durability under the most testing of environments and is available in either a sheet or a tile form. With exceptional resilience under foot, vinyl is the most practical and easy to clean option for most commercial interiors with heavy traffic areas, areas where moisture may be present or sterile environments are important.

Vinyl is available in varying grades and offers the versatility and flexibility to cater for the needs of different work environments, with some types of vinyl even offering acoustic insulation and static dissipative properties.

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