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Traditionally if you worked in an office, you were likely to see great swathes of off-white or magnolia walls in all directions. To some they can be uninspiring, yet to others its clean, fresh and uncluttered. Increasingly corporations are tending to opt for a splash of colour to not only lift the mood but there is a growing bank of evidence to suggest that colour is increasing important when it comes to issues such as staff productivity, morale and retention.

Commercial Decorating and Paintings

Regardless of your preference IPS cover all aspects of commercial decorating and painting, whether its merely refreshing an area, a full redecoration or incorporating a picture into a bespoke digital wallpaper, we appreciate the need to have the job carried out to the highest standard, on time and as cost effective as possible.

We are also able to advise you on many product's maintenance, their sustainability, environmental impact and how best to reflect your companies brand image thus relaying your company's individuality.

Modern Day Office Environments

In a modern office environment we also understand the need to be versatile so as to minimise disruption to the working day or night. We can plan each project, or phase the works so as to reduce inconvenience meaning works are undertaken during the most unlikely of times when your office is unmanned.

Whiteboard Walls

The whiteboard wall is a modern solution to provide an complete area of writable-erasable, magnetic whiteboard surface. This is extremely useful for areas where you want to create uninhibited notes and illustrations on the entire wall.

Office whiteboards can be formed in virtually any width or height using 10mm composite panels that are magnetic or by a revolutionary paint, Each option has its own advantages:

Whiteboard Panels

Whiteboard panels are butted up tightly next to each other and connected with a special plastic or aluminum profile system. They are manufactured from enameled steel and thus are magnetic as well as writable. They are ideal in situations where a surface is of poor quality, where the paint alternative cannot hide the imperfections on a surface. They are also very durable in day to day use. We recommend the use of whiteboard panels where you need a large magnetic writing surface that will see heavy use.

Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard paint can be installed on virtually every wall surface even wallpaper. Because the paint is transparent, it offers the versatility to vary in colors dependent on the surface to which it is applied. White is also available if you wish to have the traditional white surface. We recommend the use of whiteboard paint in regular use where you need a large writing surface for making notes and illustrations.

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