Suspended Ceilings

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One of the simplest ways to renovate a space is to replace the ceilings system. The look of a ceiling can make a big difference to people’s first impressions of a commercial space. Suspended ceilings are popular as a way of disguising bare concrete and services or simply as an attractive architectural feature.

Renewing the ceiling can provide many benefits to both employees and clients. Not only can it improve the aesthetic appeal of a room by refreshing the visual appearance, but it can also improve the acoustic performance and light reflectance of an area.

Interior Projects Southern can supply and install all options available on the market today from the traditional lay in grid system with a mineral fibre or metal perforated tiles, right up to the architecturally designed curved, island and vaulted systems.

Visual Comfort

The light reflectance of a tiles surface is its ability to reflect and project light into an area. The light reflectance of the ceiling, wall and floor surfaces contribute one of the most important roles for overall illumination and setting the mood of an area, thus directly affecting productivity and comfort.

Acoustical Comfort

Choosing the right acoustical solutions will enhance the user' need and overall comfort in all types of spaces. It is important to determine whether intelligibility, concentration or confidentiality is required.

Thermal Mass

To control the thermal environment in an area, it can be necessary to assess the composition and overall thickness of the product you use. Some tiles are better than others at the retention of heat, airflow and the general regulation of a rooms temperature.

Major Factors to Take Into Consideration

Other major factors to take into consideration when planning your ceiling can include Moisture, hygiene, thermal mass (temperature) fire performance and environmental impact all of which can be evaluated by one of our design specialists upon visiting your site.


A ceiling with a high light reflectance, up to 90%, can extend the daylight into a space thus helping to reduce the lighting energy required, saving you both money and reducing your companies environmental footprint.

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