Commercial Refurbishment

Commercial refurbishment includes sprucing up an office or retail space that is showing signs of wear and tear. A refurbishment can breathe new life into the building and make it more attractive for staff , customers and potential buyers. There are three types of refurbishment:

  • Minor “ Minor refurbishment may mean repairing cracked walls, or a leaking roof and re-decorating the inside and or outside of the building.
  • Medium “ This may mean replacing old fittings with more modern ones, creation of new spaces and re-decoration. Installation of heating and cooling systems that don't require lots of disruption.
  • Full “ A full refurbishment consists of carrying out major building works such as the removal/constructions of walls and floors, installation of Electrics, data, heating, cooling and lighting using concealed pipework. The renewal of fixtures and fittings and re-decoration.

Reasons for starting a commercial refurbishment project

There are numerous reasons for starting a refurbishment project :

  • Expansion: To create a larger environment in order to reorganise your stock or staff thus creating a modern and uncrowded atmosphere.
  • To Comply with Legal Requirements: Health and safety and energy performance in buildings are now subject to government legislation and non- compliance will lead to large fines. Your builder should know exactly what’s required in order to comply with the law. There is a useful booklet available on the internet regarding Building Regulations, which can be very helpful in adhering to these regulations.
  • To Improve Branding: Make your surroundings modern and comfortable to reflect your brand and ethos to your customers and clients. The importance of branding to any business is to uniform the brand throughout, from the company letterheads and website to the premises.
  • To Install More Efficient Energy Saving Devices: Make better use of technology in the workspace and modern installations to reduce your energy bills.

What kind of building company do you want to work with?

It is important to employ a professional firm with a proven reputation who knows the rules and regulations regarding refurbishment and are able to advise you about alterations and installations. Don't give your project to a builder who is not aware of recent legislation, as costs will escalate in rectifying the mistakes that have been carried out, which when inspected doesn't comply with the government's rules and regulations.

What are the objectives of your refurbishment project?

If you merely want your building to look less tired, but you don't want anything major due to the length of lease or you own the property, then have a minor refurbishment and go for a re-decoration and repairs project instead.

If you have a lease that is up to fifteen years and you want to improve your brand image and make better use of your retail or office space, then a medium refurbishment will update your surroundings with modern fixtures and fittings.

If you own the property outright or you have a long lease and intend to stay in the same building for the foreseeable future, then consider having a full refurbishment. This will enable you to decorate and design the space exactly how you want it and to incorporate energy saving technology to save money and make your staff and customers feel more comfortable.

What should you consider during your commercial refurbishment project?

  • The number of years you expect to stay in the building
  • The permissions required (Landlord and Local Authority)
  • How long the project will take to complete
  • Whether or not you can keep the building open during refurbishment

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