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One of our core values at Interior Projects Southern is to ensure that throughout all aspects of the relocation, refurbishment or fit-out process sustainability is a primary consideration.

A big part of our success is linked to our ability to focus on the minute details that really matter to our clients. Therefore whilst creating your physical environment, the quality of the products, the image they project and the importance of your Company’s reputation in the marketplace all have a major impact on the whole success of any project.

Improving Environmental Performance

We are committed to constantly improving environmental performance in all aspects of our business and we do so through a commitment to:

  • Developing innovative and flexible solutions to all workspace issues that bring about change.
  • To share our knowledge of environmental issues and sustainability with all our clients and business partners.
  • Dedication to procuring and using environmentally friendly products as far as is reasonably possible.
  • Recognising that how we go about procuring our materials has an impact on the environment.
  • Measuring and constantly assessing the progress of each project.
  • Always looking for the latest design and product with the greenest credentials.

Pricing Transparency

We have a commitment to transparency with all our clients in the overall costs and benefits of all environmental products and methods of practice. The proof of this is demonstrated in how we deliver all our projects.

It goes without saying that within our own offices we have implemented a range of measures to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption and thus lead by example, from turning off the lights on a bright day to the effective recycling of all our paperwork in the form of note pads,memos and brochures.

Our approach is paramount in our supply chain management and we are very selective of which contractors we will use to ensure they also meet the highest standards of sustainable practice.

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